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Basic Bae- Pre Cut Clusters


3 reviews

Looking for a lash that's perfect for everyday wear? Look no further than our Basic Bae lash! This lash is our most natural and delicate style, featuring wispy fibers and the thinnest seam for a look that's both effortless and understated.

 Crafted from premium Korean PBT synthetic fibers, these lashes are lightweight, comfortable, and cruelty-free, providing you with a full, luxurious lash appearance without feeling heavy. Our DIY lash ribbons come with easy-to-follow instructions, empowering you to achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home.

Long-Lasting Comfort: Experience multi-day wear with our resilient band clusters, lasting 5+ days when paired with Fixation Lash Bond & Sealant. Achieve a salon-grade lash extension look in under 10 minutes.

Personalized Style: Embrace everyday wear with Fixation Super Hold Lash Adhesive, allowing you to create your own custom lash look. Feel confident and fabulous all day long!

Key Product Features:

  • Available Lengths 10mm, 12mm, 14mm,16mm
  • Band thickness 0.5mm
  • 33 Pre-Cut Clusters
  • Reusable up to 5 times with proper care


Tips: After application, avoid wetting DIY lashes until the bond and sealant have set (minimum of 12-24 hours).

Experience the beauty of DIY lashes without compromise. Transform your lash game with Basic Bae Pre-cut Clusters today!


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Maria F
Game changer

The pre-cut clusters are a game
Changer for me. I am able to apply the lashes on with in 5 minutes. The cluster is a perfect size that no trimming is needed. I apply the bond then the cluster and the final step the sealant.

Gricel Gutierrez

I just loved my lashes!!! Took me a couple try’s to put them on but once I got the hang of it they were so easy to put on. They lasted 7 days!!! Definitely worth it I will be purchasing again


I love these lashes and being able to customize how they look! I was also able to get 7 days of wear without them falling off!! Will definitely be purchasing again.