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False eyelashes can be removed by gently pulling them off from the outer corner of the eye towards the inner corner. It's important to avoid pulling the lashes or using force, as this can damage the natural lashes. An oil-based makeup remover can also help dissolve the adhesive and make the removal process easier.

If you are wearing strip lashes, you can apply mascara to your natural lashes before applying the false lashes for added volume and length. However, be sure to wait until the mascara has fully dried before applying the false lashes, as wet mascara can cause the lashes to clump or slip.

Yes, false eyelashes can be worn with glasses. However, it's important to choose lashes that are not too long or thick, as they can interfere with the glasses.

When applied correctly and with care, false eyelashes are generally safe to use. However, using the wrong adhesive or leaving the lashes on for too long can cause irritation, infection, or damage to the natural lashes.

Magnetic eyeliner and Lash tools are sold separately. However, you can bundle and save. https://fixationbeauty.com/collections/bundles

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