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Wink Wink


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WINK WINK false lashes from Fixation Beauty. Designed with lush flare, these lashes will add boldness and create an elongated look for your eyes. With their high-quality construction and luxurious feel, they are the perfect choice for enhancing your natural beauty.

Key Features:

  • The WINK WINK false lashes are handcrafted with the highest quality luxury mink. This premium material offers a soft and feathery texture, providing a natural and glamorous appearance to your lashes.
  • Short Wispy (7mm-15mm)
  • The flexible black cotton band ensures a comfortable and secure fit. It allows for easy application and ensures that the lashes stay in place throughout the day or night, without any discomfort.
  • With proper care, these lashes can be used up to 25+ times, making them a long-lasting and cost-effective choice. To extend their lifespan, gently clean them after each use and store them in the accompanying high-end lash case.
  • Experience the lift and volume that the WINK WINK false eyelashes offer. They will instantly transform your eye look and draw attention to your eyes, making them a captivating focal point.
  • Order your WINK WINK false lashes online from Fixation Beauty today and enhance your beauty routine. With these high-quality and luxurious lashes, you'll achieve a stunning and glamorous look every time.
  • Please note lash adhesive sold separately.

Enhance your eye look with the WINK WINK false lashes from Fixation Beauty. Whether you want to achieve a natural or dramatic look, these lashes will add a touch of elegance and boldness to your eyes. Get ready to turn heads and feel confident with the best fake eyelashes online. Order your WINK WINK lashes today and elevate your eye game

Customer Reviews

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Wink Wink Lashes

Loving the soft, natural flare of the Wink Wink lash style! It's an absolute favorite for that perfect, effortless glam.