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Soft Glam


4 reviews

Make a statement with Soft Glam falsies from Fixation Beauty. These lashes are designed to let your eyes shine and create a naturally wispy and glamorous look.

Key Features:

  • Soft Glam falsies are handcrafted with the highest quality synthetic material, ensuring a luxurious feel and a vegan-friendly product. These lashes provide a beautiful enhancement to your eyes without compromising your values.
  • The short wispy style ranges from 9mm to 13mm, offering a subtle length and volume that adds a touch of glamour to your natural lashes. The alternating strands create a wispy appeal, resulting in a soft and fluttery effect.
  • The flexible black cotton band ensures a comfortable fit and allows for easy application. The lightweight nature of Soft Glam falsies ensures that they are comfortable to wear throughout the day or night.
  • With proper care, these falsies can be used up to 25+ times, making them a long-lasting investment for your beauty routine. Follow the care instructions to maintain their quality and ensure optimal performance.
  • Each pair of Soft Glam falsies comes with a high-end lash case, providing a safe and stylish storage solution. The case helps protect the lashes from damage, allowing you to use them multiple times while keeping them in excellent condition.
  • Please note lash adhesive sold separately.

At Fixation Beauty, we strive to provide the best eyelashes online, and Soft Glam falsies are a testament to our commitment. Elevate your look with these lightweight and fluffy lashes that add a touch of soft glamour to any occasion. Order your pair of Soft Glam falsies today and let your eyes do the talking.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Soft Glam

Absolutely love the Soft Glam lash style from Vegan Collection. Five stars for the perfect blend of comfort and natural glamour. These lashes are a game-changer for a natural look. FIXATION BEAUTY has been added to my favorites 💕

Barbara Webbe
Soft Glam

I liked that at first, they hit my glasses and drag them down.Cant wear them!

Amy Morris

Soft glam are a must!!!!! These lashes are perfect for an every day wear. Super soft, comfortable and perfect for a soft glam. The lash quality is amazing. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a natural lash

Ashley Sivik
Amazing quality

The lashes are easy to apply and look beautiful on. They last longer than the cheap drugstore brands.