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Lash Extensions

in 5 Minutes for 5+ Days

Your Guide For Flawless D.I.Y Lash Application

Customer Reviews

Awesome present for my wife! Every time
Every new lash is awesome. The wife is always so excited when she is surprised with Fixation Products in the mail. I’m a hero!
Zay P
Basic yet stunning!
Basic bae is what you want when looking for a simple classic look, I created my look with sizes 14mm 12mm & 10mm they were absolutely elegant.
Kim G
when i tell you i’ve never gotten more compliments in the two days that i’ve worn them, i mean it! they stay on so well, but remove so gently. i’m officially a d.i.y lash girly.
Game changer
The pre-cut clusters are a game
Changer for me. I am able to apply the lashes on with in 5 minutes. The cluster is a perfect size that no trimming is needed. I apply the bond then the cluster and the final step the sealant.
Maria F
I just loved my lashes!!! Took me a couple try’s to put them on but once I got the hang of it they were so easy to put on. They lasted 7 days!!! Definitely worth it I will be purchasing again
Gricel G
I love these lashes and being able to customize how they look! I was also able to get 7 days of wear without them falling off!! Will definitely be purchasing again.
I am impressed with the flirtatious DIY lashes! They possess a natural and lightweight feel, which I adore. Plus, if you desire extra volume, it's as easy as double stacking them. This style has won my heart completely!
I’m excited to have these in my life💕
These are perfect for my allergy eyes. My eyes water so much individual lashes only last a couple of days. These are perfect one I can do them myself for a faction of the cost and 2 I can always fix them if I loose one section or they separate. I like the glue because it doesn’t get all hard and scratchy and irritates your eyes.
Bond & Sealant 💕
The Fixation Bond & Sealant played a crucial role in ensuring the longevity of the lashes. I applied it carefully (no dry time) and set the lashes in place. To my surprise, they stayed put for an impressive six days without any issues. No loosening, no discomfort, just flawless lashes that looked like professional extensions. 💕
Favorite Lashes
I’ve been a customer for over two years now and have tried a majority of styles and less is more when it comes to this style. Gives me the perfect doll eyes look. They’re light and comfortable!